A Noble Profession

Kishore C.S.
(January 2000)

Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru Devo Maheswara
Guru sakshat parabrahma tasmaiye gurave namaha

Ancient scriptures of India give a high stature to Teaching Profession. I also regard Teaching profession with high respect. The following are a few thoughts on this noble profession which many of you may share.

Teaching is one profession which gives enormous opportunity to mould characters. Teachers can influence a student that will remain forever. Teacher is the most important individual after parents. Students in their day long association look upto teachers and try to emulate them. Every child would have played ‘teacher’ game in schooling days. The character of teacher at this impressionable stage of child plays a crucial role in shaping the child’s character. School environment also plays a role. Necessity of right education need not be stressed many times and everyone knows it.

Role and Responsibility of teacher

A teacher gets the challenge of doing this year after year.

Years after separation student come back to thank teachers. This gives a unique satisfaction to teachers. Seeing the students in a mature, prosperous position gives profound satisfaction to teacher and that alone is the most motivating factor for a teacher.

Unlike other professions where you make ‘machines’ work, this profession allows one to deal with the most complex phenomena on earth. Ranging from most studious to most mischievous students, the teacher needs to maintain a balanced attitude and approach in transforming them to mature individuals. Treat all with equality and at the same time give special treatment to each individual is easier said than done. Teachers handle this with so many tactics. Innovation in the methods used to influence students is what makes teachers different. In execution of this they don’t just use their subject knowledge but a variety of aspects of human psychology.

Recognizing that the character of a nation depends on character of individuals, teacher take their role in shaping individuals in their own way.

Education Systems should take steps to ensure that they handle their responsibility well. Systems should

Education is the only investment that will have highest return on investment.